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You Can Do To Make Your Blog Advertiser-Friendly

Before you try to attract advertisers, make sure your blog is Ad-worthy. You can do this via multiple check points, updating your blog and evaluating other successfully monetized blogs. When you evaluate your blog’s Ad potential, you’ll know if it’s time to attract Ads or to build traffic. Here are a few tips to make your blog advertiser-friendly.

Update Blog To Attract Advertisers

Use these general guidelines to ramp up your blog and make it advertiser-friendly and advertiser-ready.

1. Update Your Blog Regularly

Advertisers are on the lookout for blogs that are updated regularly. These blogs are more likely to earn a steady readership. Make your posts enjoyable and easy to read. Be passionate about what you write and keep reader interest peaked at all times.

2. Make Your Blog Keyword Rich

Focus your blog’s title around the main topic or idea in your posts. You can use this word or term throughout your blog but in a way that’s natural. Use a good keyword research tool to look for keywords that people type while searching for your niche content. Intersperse your blog’s posts with these keywords, but do it according to Google Panda rules.

3. Include Social Bookmarking Buttons

Include social bookmarking buttons on your blog posts to make it easier for your readers to share the blog with other readers. Not only can you increase traffic greatly with this method, but method can gain valuable advertiser attention as well. So go ahead and include Share buttons from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others. Put up interesting videos of products, interviews and other info relevant to your niche and allow them to be shared via YouTube.

4. Network With Your Readers

Ask readers for their feedback, input and questions and maintain an ongoing relationship with your readership. The more you bond with your readers, the greater your chance of developing a steady fan following. Do this by means of great content and follow up, not cheap gimmicks. Google Panda’s watching out.

Evaluate And Optimize Your Blog’s Reach

Use these guidelines to optimize your blog’s Ad reach. It’s important to first know if your blog is Ad-worthy or not.

5. Check Search Engine Ranking

Use Google Analytics to evaluate your search engine ranking. Check which topics are more popular and how many times your blog and specific topics have been searched. Evaluate the types of web analytics you gather from visitors. Find out if you are using effective internal and external linking techniques. Check if you need to enable RSS feeds, email newsletter subscriptions and other alternate methods to allow people to read your blog.

6. Focus Content Towards Advertisers

Increase your chances of gaining advertiser attention by focusing your blog’s content towards them. This involves making use of specific keywords, and targeted traffic to attract those who might be inclined to click that link.

7. Stick To Your Niche

It’s possible that your site is very popular, but just being popular won’t fly. You need a defined audience to attract advertisers. So don’t ramble on a million different topics. Identify a niche and stick to it. Most advertisers want to deliver their message to specific people and a random audience does not help them get there.

8. Design Your Blog To Look Professional

Invest some funds into designing a professional looking blog. Advertisers who want to associate their product or service with your blog will not feel encouraged if your site looks drab, dull and old-fashioned. Jazz up the design, revisit content placement strategies and get a zippier navigation in place.

Pitch To Advertisers

Follow these tips to directly pitch to potential advertisers, letting them know you’re Ad-worthy and ready to take them on.

9. Include An ‘Advertise Here’ Page

No matter whether your blog is new or old, you need to include a page that indicates to advertisers where you plan to place Ads and of what size. In your “Advertise Here” page, indicate that you can offer them free space for a limited time for trial, or promise low introductory rates. Your “Advertise Here” page should provide details of your blog, its audience, traffic, RSS feed and twitter count numbers and any other info that interest advertisers. Provide a link to your ‘Advertise Here’ page in your navigation.

10. Track Ad Hits And Publish Ad Info

If you already have a few Ads in place, use a plug-in to track Ad hits, Ad page views and other statistics. You can always upload these statistics on your advertiser pitch page, so that they’ll know what they stand to gain by continuing with you. By doing this, you’ll attract newer advertisers also.

11. Reserve Spots For Advertisers

Don’t adopt a random blog template for your blog. Think about advertising space and make sure you reserve good, visible plots for 468×60 and 125×125 banners and text links. Keep these objectives in mind while designing your blog. Advertisers are more attracted to blogs where they’re guaranteed maximum visibility.

12. Create A Standard Letter For Advertisers

Some advertisers will respond to your “Advertise Here” page but there are many who’ll want you to approach them. Prepare a letter to contact advertisers containing the following:
  • Relevant details about your site such as subscriber count, traffic stats, niche topic, dedicated audience numbers and so on
  • Information on site location, existing advertisers, Ad potential, monthly rates, visibility potential and so on.


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