Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Catch Hacker NEW

This is one of the facts about hackers that is
not very comforting. 

Even after you take precautions to prevent further attacks, unless you thoroughly clean off the hacker's little access files - he can still easily access your system. 

Another not so nice fact is that, unless you really learn (or already know) about computer systems, you probably will not either be able to detect, or stop the hacker. You can, however, get help. This is when you need to say, 

"I need an IP specialist, to catch a hacker". Tracing The Hacker's IP Address A number of software programs are available now - through the Internet, that will enable you to trace a hacker's IP address to a geographical address. Remember, though, that hackers often borrow other computers (usually unknown to the owner), and do their computer crimes hacking from there.

So, before you take any action against someone you think it might be, it is better to let the proper authorities handle it.One free program that you might use in order to learn of the hacker's IP address is Netstat. 

This Windows program will enable you to see exactly what the hacker does - tracing everything. 

It also shows you the status of all of your ports, and other statistics. Catching Them Red- Handed Basically once there is a hacker attack, you have two options. 
The first is to shut your system down, and give your computer to a lab to be able to collect the necessary evidence. Apart from the aforementioned programs, if you do much to the computer yourself - you could be destroying the very evidence you need to track a hacker. Of course, if you have not already backed up your data elsewhere, 
this option may not be available to you. Remember that a hacker can only be prosecuted using the evidence on other people's computers.

A second course of action would be to act as if nothing had taken place, and move your sensitive data to another computer. 
By leaving it alone, and letting the hacker continue, more evidence can be collected against him until there is a solid case. Knowing this fact about how to catch a hacker is very important. Besides needing an IP address, you must also learn the ISP from which the attack comes. Port 43 will give you data about the IP and the ISP. Software is available that can tell you these things, and you can also learn about it by going to a whois directory.

Then, with this information, you can contact the Webmaster of the ISP, and hopefully, get it stopped.
Each of us needs to take some serious precautions about preventing our own computers from being broken into (as much as possible). With the software and firewalls that are currently available, perhaps you will never need to be one who cries out, "I need a specialist, to catch a hacker". After
you get the necessary programs to make your computer safer, be sure to keep it updated, and prevent computer crimes hacking.


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