Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tricks and Tips to Increase Online Traffic

Websites are becoming extremely common. Everyone seems to want one, from your thirteen year old neighbor, to your dentist. With so many sites being started every day, how do you make yours stand out and increase online traffic? The following tricks and tips may help your blog succeed. Click here for a free 7 day e=course to show you how to increase traffic to your website.

• Design your site to reflect the style you want to portray. Use a template that sets the stage for what you have to say. Before they read a word, your visitors will already have an impression about you based solely on the appearance of your site.
• Target your market. Use a style that will be comfortable for your target audienceto read. If you are a lawyer writing for a site directed at other attorneys, feel free to use legal lingo and abbreviations. However, if you are a lawyer writing for your web site that will be visited by potential and existing clients, you may want to consider using a warmer style that is professional, yet simple in its explanations.
• Use SEO keywords to help attract search engines. Notice that I said, “use SEO keywords”. I did not say, “over- use SEO keywords”. People will lose interest in a site that is stuffed with keywords and lacking content.
• Monitor the activity associated with your site so that you can optimize it with keywords and content.
• Consider adding a podcast or video to spice up your presentation.
• If your site is newsworthy, use a press release to get the word out.
• Network with others in real life and on forums to gain recognition for yourself and your brand.
• Post on a regular basis and do not leave the same lines to get stale. You will lose your audience.
• Be highly responsive to comments and encourage interaction
• Try to set up interaction with other sites. It will benefit you and the other content writers.
• Be sure to stay in context. It can be easy to lose your focus, but you need to remain aware of the reason you have attracted your readers. Try not to spiral off on a tangent. You may find yourself fascinating, but your readers will be bored.
• Stay fresh and do not let the material wear out. Do some research to approach your material from a new angle
• It may seem obvious, but watch your spelling and grammar. You will lose credibility if you make too many mistakes.
Having the right strategic website is a popular way to increase online traffic. It is an easy way to add content to a web site on a regular basis to keep it new and inviting. By following some practical guidelines, your site can become a regular stop for many readers, thereby providing you with more website traffic.


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