Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 Things Which Can Make A Negative Impact On Your SEO Efforts

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an art rather than a technique. If you overdo this then you might be harming your sites. Here we give you some of the bad SEO practices that you must avoid:

Invisible keywords must not be added on your website. Keywords are the important words that are responsible for bringing in the traffic on your website.
Thus you must make a point to highlight them by using different font color and style. They must be placed at various points on the page. Using hidden keywords or using malicious JavaScript that would embed them on your page is illegal and your site can be black listed by various search engines. They tend to create a false density of keywords around the webpage. Many malicious CSS tweaks are also present that uses the hidden elements to improve the keyword density. Keyword stuffing is another bad practice that you must avoid.
With the growing urge amongst the bloggers to improve the PageRank of their blogs, they need backlinks from the different blogs. They engage in the illegal activity of link buying or link exchange, were they exchange their links in lieu of some money. There are a number of companies that deal in such activities but it is not advised to buy purchase links in order to boost up the ranking. The PR might improve in the start but they will fall later on. Some of the bloggers engage in the act of automatically generating 1000’s of backlink using automated software. These all factors will bring your site SEO down.
Placing the links of other website on your webpages is also not recommended and is considered as link farm by Google and other popular search engines. Many consider directory and comments as the best ways to get the links back to your sites but resubmitting them without any reason is considered suspicious and you might not get the links. Always make sure that your site has proper links that point to the relevant parts of the website.
Cloaking is another malicious practice that is used to improve the ranking. Cloaking is the technique where we present different faces of a website to the user rather than the search engine spiders. This trick might work in some cases but it fails in almost all the cases.
Also keep a check on the spelling in the posts and other areas of your website. The spelling will determine the proper keywords that will help the search engine to index your site but if they are not correct then the search engines will ignore your website altogether.


Internet Marketing Firm said...

These are the things that everyone should avoid in order to avoid his/her website getting banned from Google. These are the black hat techniques and are not entertained by any search engine.

Internet Marketing Firm

Anonymous said...

Good to know. It's funny that same of the same seo services you described above can be found in other blogs about how to improve your seo campaign. It's good to see there are some people out there that know the difference between good and back seo practices. Thanks

Anonymous said...

This is definitely great information. If you're not an seo expert yourself, it's obviously super important to do some research on your potential seo consultants before you decide what company to go with in order to avoid being screwed over by bad seo practices like the ones you mentioned. Paying close attention to what they promise you is definitely key here. Thanks for sharing!

ritaarvin said...
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ritaarvin said...

Great information about seo. All these tool are definitely useful to increase your seo rankings, but after the new google panda update launched, content is definitely the most important search engine optimization tool. You can have a million links out there, but if the landing page they link to doesn't have good quality content on there, the google spiders will crawl right past your site. I think this is a good think though in general, even if it makes life a little harder for every seo'er out there. They will need to put a little more effort into their work, but at the same time it will result in a better quality world wide web. Thanks for sharing this info!

renee alberts said...

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